Monster Sounds Pack

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Cafofo’s Monster Sounds Pack comes with 838 high-quality, game-ready creatures & monsters sounds.
🔊 Listen to the preview here
Includes short and long versions for:
▪ Large Creature Sounds suitable for Dragons, Dinosaurs and other Beasts
▪ Small and Large Humanoids suitable for Goblins and Orcs
▪ Hissing Creatures, Insects and Oozes
▪ Zombies, Ghosts, and Demons
▪ Combat Sounds like Stabs and Hits.
▪ Additional Sounds like Wings Flapping, Breathing, and Ancient Language Vocalization.

Each sound effect is an isolated file, with no built-in effects or any background sound, allowing you to manipulate and even combine different creatures to suit your game’s needs.


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