Modular Urban City Asset Megapack (4.20, 4.27, 5.0)

Asset Version (4.20+)Part 1 | Part 2


This modular urban city mega-pack contains over 400 items that you can use to create an urban city. The pack contains an absolutely monstrous amount of assets, from traffic lights to ticket booths, train tracks, stations, and everything in between.

Technical Details
A fully modular urban city level.
There are two example levels included, one which has been quickly optimized to run 60+ FPS and another where you can show how the entire level was created using the modular pieces found throughout the pack.
Atmospheric Showcase Example.
Over 400 assets including store branding, modular pieces, and 160+ unique assets to populate the environments with everything from benches to bicycles to CCTV cameras.
80 signs and posters
Premade distance buildings to populate your skylines with, as well as various merged streets from our example level.
Various skyscrapers for your skylines.
Three entirely unique environments in one scene! The scene includes modular sets for city streets, train platforms and the train ticket booth area!
Various Blueprints to help speed up the population of the environment from curb splines to platform notice boards with customizable text parameters.
Texture Sizes: 256 to 4096
Collision: Yes, varying between manually placed in engine, automatically generated, and complex as simple.
Vertex Count: 3 to 36,800
LODs: Yes, automatically generated in engine
Number of Meshes: 398
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 168
Number of Textures: 360


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