Modular Suburban Metal Fence (4.19, 4.27, 5.0, 5.1)

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This fence is based on a popular Australian suburban fencing brand. It fits well in suburban and industrial environments. This pack is heavily optimized, with all meshes relying on only a single material and texture set. The master material is extensively designed with over 64 controllable parameters, allowing you to add or remove features as you please.

Simple but effective modular-building blueprint included. This blueprint allows you to quickly switch material variations, swap between damage variations, and to build in different directions.
Four albedo masks are included to allow you to choose any colour combination you like
Four dirt masks allow you to dynamically control levels of dirt on the posts and fence separately
Seven roughness masks allow you to apply different levels of damage types to the fences, make them look factory new or decades old
Customizable rust mask allows you to dynamically add rust with custom normals and roughness over your model
64 Controllable material parameters ranging from 157 to 229 instructions )with all masks and features enabled).

All textures and masks are provided in 4k, aside from the rust, which is a tiled 2k texture.

There are six base models, with six damaged variations included. When separated into modular pieces, they snap onto a 10cm grid, and can take connections from either left or right. The modular segmented static meshes break down into 16 modular undamaged models, and 12 modular damaged models.
*warehouse not included

Technical Details
Number of Unique Meshes: 40
Blueprints: 1 Modular Building Blueprint included for easy world building
Collision: Yes, AutoGenerated
Vertex Count: ~2k to 100 for undamaged models, ~4.9k to 400 for damaged models
LODs: 4 per mesh
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 1 Master Material, 14 example instances included as a guide
Number of Textures: 13
Texture Resolutions: 11 @ 4k, 2 @ 2k
Supported Development Platforms: Tested on Windows, optimized for all platforms


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