Modular Offroad Cars

Replicated DIY styled modular customizable offroad cars with custom wheels physics.


Free Download: click here


Multiplayer video link:

Main demo video link:

Technical Details
average vertex/tris count:
– Assembled car: 58k vertices, 41.3k triangles
– car frames: 30k vertices, 20k triangles
– car cargos: 4.5k vertices, 3k triangles
– engines: 6k vertices, 4.5k triangles
– Gearboxes: 3k vertices, 2k triangles
– Fuel modules: 6k vertices, 4k triangles
– Wheels: 1.5k vertices, 1.2k triangles
Multiplayer support
Modular customization
Customizable materials
Character interaction system
System of knocking down a character by car
Suspension animations
Character steering animations
Sound system
Custom physics-based vehicle system
First-person and third-person views
Number of Blueprints: 59 (In total, including information BP)
Number of textures: 246 (mostly 2k)
Number of materials: 16 (104 material instances)
Input: Keyboard, Mouse.


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