Military Truck gmc 353 World War 2

High-quality and realistic model.


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High-quality and realistic model.
Perfect for use in any project. This model is an excellent choice for game development as it is low poly. 4K high-quality and highly detailed texture maps for the PBR workflow.
The model has a clean quad-based topology.
You can also simply use the model directly in programs supporting the FBX or OBJ formats.
The base model was made in blender and details were sculpted in ZBrush.
Texturing was done in substance painter.
-All preview images are not using post production.
-All preview images are rendered using Marmoset Toolbag 3.
All textures are made in PNG format, resolution 4096 x 4096px with 3 uv layouts.
maps metalness/roughness workflow(complete with model)
Geometry: -Truck model : Polys -54450 / Verts – 68769


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