Medieval World Creation Kit (v1.2)

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Medieval World Creation Kit will allow you to create many types of different environments for your game.
Package contains high quality medieval style buildings with interiors, structures, props, sounds, plants and scripts.
Each building is unique and has it’s own interior. There are lot of props too so you can freely make a small settlements, towns and cities.
Textures are high resolution (texture atlases are 1024×1024, 2048×2048, tileable textures such as wood, walls or ground are 1024×1024) with bump and specular maps.

Assets are pretty detailed so it is recommended to use for mid and high end PC.
There are more than 450 prefabs including LODs:
♦ unique buildings like cottages, barns, windmill, sawmill, watchtower and structures like bridges, city walls, wells and fishing piers, highly detailed interiors, including cellars and attics
♦ hundreds of props (fences, lanterns, candle holders, furniture, foods and drinks, alchemy potions and ingredients, blacksmith tools, magic items, shop signs, tableware and household items, carpets and pelts, chests, crates and bags and so on)
♦ different kinds of trees, bushes, rocks, grass, flowers, cat tails, corn plants, wheat, water lily, terrain materials
♦ sounds and soundscapes for different types of environments (royalty free medieval background music, nature and weather sounds)
♦ particles like smoke, big fire, fire sparks, candle fire, falling leaves, rain, light beams
♦ scripts and shaders
♦ 3 demo scenes are included

*This asset pack is used for demonstration purposes for UniStorm 2.0 by Black Horizon Studios.
There will be more extra stuff so keep checking.


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