Medieval Village Construction Kit

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It takes a village to build a 3D medieval fantasy scene, and with the Medieval Village Construction Kit, you can create a completely customized layout tailored to your needs.
The Medieval Village Construction Kit is a massive set of 220 puzzle pieces – including doors, windows, walls, roofs, and assorted hardware and add-ons – plus 44 preset pieces, that can fit together in an infinite number of ways, much like an erector set or set of Legos. Built on a metric grid system, each piece can be stacked, nudged, rotated, scaled, and joined to other pieces to create the exact shape and layout you need. Your imagination is the only limitation!
Moreover, most pieces have two sides and multiple sub-components, with separate interior and exterior surfaces, all of which can be hidden, moved, rotated, and scaled independently. This makes it easy to create a detailed façade with no unnecessary back-facing surfaces or unseen geometry. Use as much or as little as you need to fill your scene!
And for those who just want a quick and easy setup of their scene, numerous presets are included to get you started, from stackable building sections, to complete structures ready to render out of the box.
To help with lighting your scene, all windows include emissive surfaces that can be turned on or off (on by default), as well as a handful of torches, braziers, and lanterns with multiple emissive cones and planes that can be rotated and scaled independently to create unique flames for every instance. No more identical fire on every torch!
Finally, many of the major surfaces – including roofing tiles, plaster walls, and glass windows – utilize displacement maps for extra detail. But note that while the maps load with the object, the displacement value is set to “0” by default, so that you can turn it on only where you want it for close-up renders. Bump and normal maps provide ample surface detail otherwise.
As an added bonus, two props are included to fill out your village square: a gallows/whipping post (complete with bloody chains and manacles), as well as a hanging cage tree with three variations (single, double, and quad cage versions), complete with rigged door and padlock to imprison your captive enemies! A bonus pose for Genesis 8 Male Midnight Skeleton is also included in case you need it.
Note that all chain props are rigged with extra ghost bones for accurate rotations. Furthermore, all doors and window shutters are also rigged, and interior surfaces are fully textured so that you can create both exterior and interior sets. All textures were created in Substance Painter with extra levels of dirt and grunge for that truly “lived-in” look!
So build yourself a medieval village of epic proportions with the Medieval Village Construction Kit today!


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