Magio Pro – Interactive Effect Engine – URP/HDRP (New Update)

New Update: Click here
Version v1.0.7 : Link1 Link2


Spark your game with procedural magic effects, make a fire fighting simulation or puzzle players with elemental interactions, Magio can do it all.

Technical details
Supported Rendering Pipelines: URP & HDRP
Required additional packages:
– Visual Effects Graph 11.0+
Supported objects:
– Mesh (Solid, vegetation etc.)
– Skinned Mesh (Animated)

The asset includes:
– High quality, hand-crafted URP and HDRP Demo scenes.
– 6 high-performance GPU-simulated procedural Visual Effect Graphs.
– 3 high-quality GPU-simulated procedural Visual Effect Graphs.
– Scripts for effect behaviour and interaction.
– Editor scripts for easy conversion, effect outlook, behaviour design and error handling.

Core features:
☑️ Easily convert any mesh or skinned mesh to work with Magio or use splash impacts for easy effects.
☑️ Full control over the effect behaviour e.g. spread speed, lifetime.
☑️ Tweak VFX and shader parameters to fit your objects.
☑️ Integrate SFX and lights to the effects.
☑️ Nullify/Extinguish effects with other effects, raycasting or other particle systems.
☑️ Use production-ready effects or integrate your own effects.
☑️ Open code and Visual effects graphs.
☑️ High-quality demo scenes for URP and HDRP with code and visuals.


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