M3D Zombie Hair for Genesis 9

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Introducing the Zombie Hair for Genesis 9, the perfect hair solution for your terrifying undead characters. This incredible hair set is specifically designed to enhance the macabre aesthetic of your renders. With a range of customization options and realistic textures, it adds an extra level of authenticity to bring your zombies to life.
The Zombie Hair for Genesis 9 features a variety of adjustable parameters to achieve the desired look. With the “Adj Thickness” option, you can control the thickness of the hair strands, while “Adj Curly” allows you to adjust the level of curliness. “Adj Front Style” lets you modify the front style of the hair, giving you more versatility in creating unique appearances. Additionally, you can tweak the length of the hair using the “Adj Length” parameter and even achieve a semi-bald effect with the “Adj Semi-Bald” option.
To further enhance the overall look, this hair set comes with multiple material options. Choose from classic colors such as White, Black, and Grey for a more traditional zombie appearance. If you’re looking to add a gruesome touch, the Red Blood color option provides a blood-soaked effect, perfect for depicting the horrors of the undead.
To make your workflow even easier, the Zombie Hair for Genesis 9 includes shaping presets. With the “Long Hair” preset, you can instantly transform your character into a terrifying creature with flowing, decaying locks. The “Semi-bald Hair” preset is ideal for portraying a partially bald and decomposed look. For a shorter and more deteriorated hairstyle, the “Short and Decayed Hair” preset offers a worn-out and tattered effect. Finally, the “Front Out Hair” preset allows you to create dynamic styles where the hair is pushed forward, adding an extra layer of character to your renders.
Upgrade your horror scenes with the Zombie Hair for Genesis 9. Its versatile customization options and realistic textures will take your undead creations to new heights. Don’t miss out on this essential addition to your collection.



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