Limb Based Medical Component with Animated Medical Items v1.1.1 (5.1)

Asset Version v1.1.1 (5.1)Link 1 | Link 2 


This Medical Component allows you to easily and quickly add limb based medical systems with 150+ customizable variables to tweak and tune to fit your needs! Complete with 80+ functions, 35 blueprints, 11+ Food & Medical Items with 29 Animations for treating medical conditions that may afflict the player.

🧬 Player Stats / Attributes:
Health – Combined health value of all limbs. Causes player death if reaches 0.
Temperature – Current body temperature of the player.
Weight – Current weight of player (equipped items & inventory carried)
Stamina – Drains & Regenerates based on movement, weight & active side-effects. Prevents Sprinting & Jumping when low.
Hydration – Drains based on movement, weight & active side-effects. Applies Dehydration when at 0.
Energy- Drains based on movement, weight & active side-effects. Applies Fatigue when at 0.
Oxygen- Drains when under water, will cause Hypoxia if oxygen reaches 0 for too long.
Blood- When Enabled, Bleed effects drain from this instead of limb health.

⚕️ Default Limbs / Body Parts:
Left Arm
Right Arm
Left Leg
Right Leg

💊Medical Status Effects: See Documentation for full side-effect details
Light Bleeding
Heavy Bleeding
On Painkillers
On Antibiotics
Fresh Wound
Radiation Exposure
Radiation Sickness
Tunnel Vision
Dehydration (no Hydration)
Fatigue (no Energy)
Critically Overweight
Alcohol Poisoning
Radiation Immunity / Gas Mask
Out of Stamina
& More!

Technical Details
Easy Setup/Integration (about 10-15 minutes avg)
Multiplayer Replicated
Custom Medical UI & HUD
19+ “Status Effects” or Medical Conditions (check documentation/pictures for details)
True First-Person Animations (full-body third person, designed to also look good in first person)
11 Animated Medical Items
2 Animated Food Items
Blood Trails (when Heavy Bleed effect active)
Post-Process Effects (check pictures)
Number of Blueprints: 36
Number of Functions: 80+
Number of Animations: 31 (12 Character, 19 Item)
Rigged to Epic Skeleton: Yes, UE4
Input: Keyboard & Mouse
Network Replicated: Yes
Supported Development Platforms: Desktop, Console, Mobile
Tested platforms: Windows


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