Level Design Tools – DrCG Assistant Helper Toolkit (New Update)

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Asset Version (4.26, 4.27)Link 1 | Link 2 


Powerful & Useful Level Design Assistant Toolkit (Align, Distribute, Scatter, Snap)

What is this? What can it actually do?
This is a tool created with the Unreal Engine Editor Utility Widget, that helps level designers easily build the level beyond the Editor’s limitation.
This is an editor tool that does not affect performance.

What’s inside?
A simple demo level with simple meshes with variant pivots.
The tool itself

Features Consist of 6 Different Parts:
Array Helper
Transform Helper
Organization Helper
Snap Helper
Randomize Helper
Scatter Helper
All Actions Have Undo Ability

Array Helper:
Easily Array Items and set rotation, position, and scale of new items. (Only work on Static Meshes)
You can attach the new instances to the source with one click!

Transform Helper:
Distribute items and distribute space between items (normal and smart distribution)
Align Items together based on their bounds in any direction.
Align Items together based on their pivot position in any direction.
Quickly Rotate Items by local bounds in any direction (with editor rotate tools you can’t do this).

Organization Helper:
Easily swap two objects (change location together)
Rotate objects toward a focus point that seems they are looking at it!
Arrange Items around another object in a radial formation (like a chair around the table)
Snap Helper (Very useful and powerful)
When you press the “End” key in the editor, selected objects fall and sit on a platform on the bottom (if any), but if you want to do this in different directions you must use our tools.

Randomize Helper:
Randomize the Location, Rotation, and Scale of Selected Actors in the desired range (you can set min and max for any direction)
If you check the relative check box, it means that a random number between min and max will be added to the current value of location/rotation/scale of actors

Scatter Helper:
With the help of this tool, you can duplicate meshes along with the bounds of a selected platform. (Like foliage or Objects scattered on the ground etc.)

Bug Fixed:
Attach to Original in Array Helper did not work when the parent actor is in a folder, and when the mobility state of the parent actor was not set to static!
First, we solve the folder structure problem, and for the mobility state, we Manually set the parent mobility state to Static!

Technical Details
Level design helper
It’s an Editor Utility Widget (Blutility)
Clean Blueprint Coding
Ready to upgrade
Good User Interface (UI)
Number of Blueprints:
Supported Development Platforms:
Windows: Yes
Mac: Yes



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