Ivy Studio – Procedural vine generation (New Update)

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Ivy Studio is a procedural Ivy and climbing plants generator that focuses on the creation of realistic environment adaptive vegetation. Generate Ivy in editor or at runtime.

Welcome to Ivy Studio, the procedural Ivy and climbing plants generator that focuses on the creation of realistic environment adaptive vegetation. Ivy Studio generates Ivy and climbing plants using the colliders in the scene as a base on which to grow, climb and adapt, and can be used to create very optimized Ivy at runtime.

You can create the Ivy at both design and run time, create your ivy in editor and then grow it in the game, with a deterministic ungrow option that will recreate the Ivy exactly as placed in editor without the need for saving it directly in the scene, for minimal scene size.

– Ivy generation based on plant behavior rules
– Use gravity and curvature modifiers to control ivy spreading
– Ivy creation and manipulation in editor
– Ivy generation and on the fly optimization in run time
– Easy direct change of Ivy leaves and flowers with any prefab
– Extreme optimization of the Ivy mesh with per stoke or global mode for run time
– Ungrow option to remove all Ivy from scene and regrow it for edit or game start to reduce scene file size
– Deterministic planting, so can have recreation of the exact same Ivy branches on Ivy recreation
– Flat mesh branches for maximum performance
– Option for full 3D branches, for the stronger systems
– Ivy generator limit per area drawing, so multiple grow managers may be used, one per area
– Grid based system to help split the Ivy for performance, automated grid creation
– LOD system that will cut off the Ivy at distance when the grid system and limited area planting per manager as used.
– Models with above 64K vertices possible
– Export ivy meshes and create prefabs
– Shaders with wind support for all pipelines
– Gradual growth of Ivy at run time, this system is complete from a scripting side, though the shaders side is work in progress, e.g. there is a few shadowing issues while growing and is Standard Pipeline only for now, this aspect will be finalized in the next version of the asset and URP and HDRP support will be added for this mode.
– Support all pipelines with Prefabs for each one for quick start.
– Support wind mode with various controls over the strength and frequency of the wind.

Planned features:
– Ivy gradual burn system
– More options on placement e.g. create Ivy bridges
– Procedural Flower generator

Note this is the first Beta version of Ivy Studio, the system will be in Beta phase for some time until all features are realized and has been tested more extensively. If you like the system please remember to leave a review, it helps a lot with the constant development and adding new extra fetatures.



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