Interactive Tree Creator

Procedurally create interactive trees with many dynamic features, all suited for a regular instanced mesh foliage workflow.

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Latest update (4.22+):
– Improved auto billboard generation, now the billboard size matches the true tree size more closely and provides better final look with less overdraw.
– Re-generated (with the new improvement) & assigned billboard meshes for each included tree preset

– Better billboard mesh generation, faster billboard material. Now all the billboard plane UV scaling happens during procedural mesh creation. In result, the master billboard material is even more lightweight. Also, the finalization process for generated trees in shorter and more user friendly.

– New: Density control for branch placement. Allows to e.g. have less/more branches on top/bottom, retaining the original branch amount. Controllable with 3 parameters: Density Effect (0-1), Density Exponent, Density Adjustment (Disabled, More on Top, Less on Top).

– Automatic LOD assignment for finalized tree mesh.
– Cleaned up parameter categories for the tree generator blueprint
– New documentation for 4.22+
– Removed unused test materials from content folders


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