Ingame Level Editor

Create levels in your game! You do not need to know the blueprints for set up!

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Create levels in your game!

Asset does not require blueprint knowledge, and also has a detailed guide for implementation in your project.
Despite the fact that the product is already ready, it is still being updated, introducing new features!
To change or add a new object, you just need to add it to the data table and enter the name in the enum file!
You can set geometry, blocky terrain, adjust lighting, use foliage, and different activity.

Technical Details
Modular terrain and geometry;
Foliage (with density, auto-rotation to floor, random Z-rotation and random size with min and max);
Save-Load system.
Number of Blueprints: 1 large BP library, 16 BP, 16 Widget BP, 18 different (Structures, data tables, enums);
Input: Mouse & Keyboard;
Network Replicated: No;
Supported Development Platforms: Windows x64;
Supported Target Build Platforms: Tested in Windows x64, but probably will work on other platforms;


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