HOHO Adventure 2.5D Runner Game Kit

HOHO Adventure 2.5D Kit is a 2.5D endless runner game kit with many features will help you build a new game easily.



– 2.5D endless runner game style
– Easy replace the character with other Humanoid characters, watch VIDEO TUTORIAL to know how to replace/add new humanoid character
– Level system with scrolling level items
– Shop system to buy heart and unlock characters
– 3 stars system
– Checkpoints
– Watch Admob to earn coin/lives
– Collectable items: coin/heart/jetpack,…
– Sample Obstacles/Enemies
Player: Work with HUMANOID Character
– Run
– Slide down
– Jump
– Grab the Rope sytem
– Wall Hold and Jump
– Fly with Jetpack
– Grab and climb ledge
– Auto climb up and over the low object
– Many helper objects to work with (teleport, jump zone, springs, rope point,…)
Camera script features:
– Follow the player
– Adjust the limit up and below position
– Set offset position to player
Enemy and Obstacles features:
– Rolling Spiked object
– Show up spiked object
– Sample enemy can jump on head
– Sample enemy can’t jump on head
– Flying big bullet
– Laser trap system
– Rolling round blade obstacle


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