Hierarchical Task Network Planning AI (New Update)

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Asset Version v1.11.1 (5.1)Link 1 | Link 2 

Asset Version v1.8.7 (5.0)Click Here


Create AI that can plan ahead using this flexible, fully-featured alternative to Behavior Trees

Just like with Behavior Trees, you can easily create Tasks, Decorators, and Services from either C++ or Blueprints, and arrange them in a visual graph editor. Easily use the Blackboard to store knowledge about possible futures and modify it from within graph nodes. The planner efficiently finds the plan with the lowest cost, or the one with the highest priority.

Compared to other planning techniques like Goal-Oriented Action Planning, HTN planning is more efficient and gives designers much more control over the AI. You can create AI with just as much autonomy and flexibility as you need.

Technical Details
Code Modules:
HTN [Runtime] HTNEditor [Editor] Number of Blueprints: 0
Number of C++ Classes: 70
Network Replicated: No (not needed for AI)
Supported Development Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux
Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows 64-bit, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS



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