HDRP Outline (v1.11)

Version v1.11: Link 1 | Link 2 | Link 3


HDRP Outline asset is great for your game if you want draw outline different objects.
HDRP 7.1.7 or higher required.

– 2 outline modes (Hard and Soft)
– Easy to use
– Support texture masks (alpha clipping)
– Support screen-space pattern overlay of outline objects
– Depth Comparison parameter per material
– UVChannel parameter for mask

With Texture mask you can add outline to renderer with cutout material.
With Depth Comparison (ZTest) parameter you can draw outline of object with different effect:
1. “LEqual” (Less or Equal) draws outline of not occluded part of object (visible).
2. “GEqual” (Greater or Equal) draws outline of occluded part of object (occluded by scene depth).
3. “Always” draws outline of object always.

Support VR Multi-pass and Single-Pass Instanced (tested with HTC Vive).
Tested with Unity 2019.3.0f5 and HDRP 7.1.7 (and 7.1.8), Windows 10, DirectX11.



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