Hadi’s Smart Camera 2.0 (5.0, 5.1)

Asset Version (5.0-5.1): Link 1 | Link 2


Inspired by this GDC talk from Journey’s camera engineer, this unique 3rd person camera intelligently frames the player & environment using cinematic techniques. It is AAA quality, easy to configure, and game-ready. Check the features list for more details!

Update 2.0: The SmartCamera has been completely refactored and is now a blueprint component. While there are some under-the-hood changes, usability improvements, and minor bugfixes, there are no new features. As a result, I do not recommend updating to the latest version if you’re happy with what you have.

Technical Details
Full player control
Obstacle avoidance
Floor and velocity alignment
Cinematic camera angles (resolution independent)
FOV bound to pitch, creating grand views of the sky
Easy setup- all you need is a component and a single blueprint.
Legible, well documented, and thoroughly tested code.
Number of Blueprints: 1 and a curve
Input: Anything
Network Replicated: N/A
Supported Development Platforms: Windows, but should work on all platforms



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