GUI PRO Kit – Sci-Fi

Through the experience of developing a survival game, produced a GUI pack with the concept of Sci-fi. We hope this package will be helpful and useful for your project.
Free Download: click here
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◼ Key Features ◼
• 2560×1440 resolution graphics
• This is a GUI skin that comes with a layout demo scene and Prefabs.
• Pictogram Icons and Item Icons are provided together.
• Sliced elements, White elements : Size and color can be customized.
(Coding and animation are not included. You will have to code it on your own.)
◼ Assets ◼
• 2700+ sources as PNG
• 300 pictogram icons (64×64, 128×128, 256×256, 512×512)
• 90 unique item icons (128×128, 256×256, 512×512)
• Fonts included
• 1 sources as AI
• Prefabs
Buttons, Frames, Labels, Popups, Sliders, Toggles, Demo_UI, DemoScene_Panels
• DemoScene
Title, TitleLoading, Loading, LobbyMain, OfflineReward, PowerSave News, LobbyTutorialCharacter, LobbyTutorialFocus, LobbyUserInfo, PopupSignIn PopupSignup, PopupUsername, SurvivorsSearch, SurvivorsList, ChooseCharacter, ChooseWeapon, Equipment, UpgradeCar, EquipmentDetail, PlayHome, ChracterDetail, LevelUp, PlayMap, PlayStage, PlayType1, PlayType2, PlayResultVictory, PlayExploreResultFail, PlayStageResult, PlayWarningEffect, PlayPuase, PlayTypeText, Misson ShopSpecial, ShopGold, ShopBullet, ShopUpgrade, Inbox, Setting, Language, ADRemove, Rate, RouletteDefault, BonusEvent, RewardWeek, RewardMoth, ErrorNetwork, Message, PopupEUALPrivacy PopupUpdate, CommonFunctionIcon, Component1~5


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