Golem Collection

High Quality Fantasy Golem Pack – Perfect for your next game or film!


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[Golem Collection] This pack includes all the 12 mighty low-poly golem characters available at the UAS. Golems are mecanim humanoid compatible. Demo scenes include fully set up third-person controller for each golem.
The collection includes all these asset store packages:
– Water Golem
– Air Golem
– Fire Golem
– Crystal Golem
– Plasma Golem
– Nature Golem
– Steam Golem
– Darkness Golem
– Fog Golem
– Obsidian Golem
– Insect Golem
– Stalagmite Golem
Every golem includes:
– Customized shaders to simulate FX (if needed)
– Customized particle systems (if needed)
– A combination of these texture maps:
* Diffuse Map
* Normal Map
* Emissive Map
* Specular Map
– Animation list:
* Idle
* Left Punch
* Right Punch
* Double Attack
* Jump
* Death
* Walk
* Run
* Get head hit
* Get Chest hit
* Get Stomach hit
* Get strong hit
* Crouch
* Block
All the materials are ready to work with built-in standard PBS and the new lightning system.
Polycount: from 3324 up to 9832 polys.


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