Goblin Voice Pack (4.26+)

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126 vocal sound effects interpreted by three different actors divided in:
Attacking (different intensities)
Suffering pains (different intensities)
Emotions (laughter, anger, etc.)

More about the pack:
There are 3 types of goblin.
1: Normal-size, neutral goblin.
2: Small-size, high-pitch goblin.
3: Higher-size, more low-tone voice goblin.
This SFX are also suitable for gnomes, small trolls, and similar fantasy creatures.
Recorded by professional voice actors.
Intuitive file naming.
All you’ll ever need regarding Goblin vocal sounds.

Technical Details
126 audio files
Documentation with full sounds in categories
Re-usability for other fantasy creatures (gnomes, little elves, trolls, demons)
Number of Audio Waves: 125
Number of Audio Cues: 125
Sample Rate/Bit Rate: 44.1 kHz, 16bit Stereo WAVs
Do Sound FX Loop: No
Minutes of Audio Provided: 4 minutes



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