FX KandolPack: FumeFX Effects

FumeFX Textures and Flipbook Textures


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Game Textures [FumeFX Texture]
Sequence Textures/Flipbook Textures
YouTube: https://youtu.be/vpF7yJq180o
Technical Details
Type of Emitters: 17 Particle Emitters (GPU)
Number of Effects: 17
Particle Emitters (GPU)
Number of Textures: 19
FumeFX Textures: 13 [1024×1024]
Textures: 1 [1024×1024]
World Texture [Normal]: 4 [1024×1024][2048×2048]
HDRI Texture: 1 [1024×512]
Number of Materials: 33
Materials: 31 [Particles Shader]
Materials: 2 [Object Shader]
Number of Blueprints: 0
Number of Meshes: 3 [BG Ground]


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