FumeFX 6.0.2 for 3DS Max 2019-2024

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FumeFX 6.0.2 new features

FumeFX 6 includes NodeWorks – a completely new, node-based procedural system that introduces particle system with custom channels, groups and clusters, rope, rigid body dynamics, cloth with plastic deformations and tear, soft body dynamics with plastic deformations, inflatable softbody, custom voxel grid manipulation on a voxel-by-voxel basis, Voronoi fragmentation, node based access to FumeFX simulation and voxels, character animation control, extensive integration with the Arnold renderer supporting point rendering, procedural rendering of splines via Arnold curves, geometry instances, volumes and custom channels, particle and FumeFX grid mesher with Arnold motion blur support and much, much more. With over 140 ready to use nodes artists can create a completely new range of visual effects directly inside the FumeFX package more efficiently than ever before.
Controlling FumeFX simulation or modifying existing caches by using the modern node based workflow opens up endless possibilities.


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