FPS Framework (New Update)

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You can use this asset with or without your custom code, as it has flexible and extendable code and intuitive systems that can produce great results with no effort at all.

Technical details
These are only a few of the most significant aspects of this package; there are many additional, ready-to-use features as well, but owing to their vast number, we are unable to list them all here.

Easy workflow
This was our primary goal during development: to provide people with an easy-to-understand and easy-to-use workflow while remaining advanced.

Advanced Firearm System
The firearm system has tons of features that allow you to make great and advanced weapons like almost any weapon, from shotguns, pistols, assault rifles, snipers, and even sci-fi weapons.

Weapon Collision
The weapon avoids any walls and obstacles in its path in a realistic manner

The character can lean left & right in a realistic way

Drag-and-Drop Attachment System
For most modern first-person shooter games, customization is a plus, so we included an attachment system that affects all the necessary things to change, including aiming speed, muzzle velocity, fire rate, recoil, fire spread, and a lot more. We also included visuals like visual recoil, attachment models, firearm sounds, particle effects, and a lot more.

Procedural Animation System
This allows you to make any FPS animation with no code and no animating knowledge. and if you want, you could extend it using your custom animation modifiers.

For improved hipfire accuracy and control, a crosshair can be cast to show where the bullet should land. Furthermore, the crosshair accurately displays how much spray the gun has.

FPS Controller Creator
This allows you to create a FPS controller as easily as creating a cube in seconds, with all the necessary things for it to function.

Inventory System
This allows you to pick up and drop objects, distribute ammo, and handle weapons.

Scriptable Interactable System
This enables you to interact with almost anything, from pickups to doors, and so on.

Wide Use Of Interfaces
This implies you may replace anything with your own, including movement, damage, and interactables.

Accurate Hit Detection With Callbacks
This means the projectile will still detect collisions even at the highest possible speeds. In addition to that, it has callback functions for better extendability.

Explosives are dangerous and can interact with each other. In addition to that, they can block damage when placed behind a cover in a realistic way but that can be toggled off.

Body Parts Damage Multipliers
You can set damage multiplier for each part in the body

Easy Weapon Creation
Weapons can be created in less than a minute with the included Firearm Creator.

Actor System
You can give a team ID for each actor (players and bots) for information counting such as kills, total damage, deaths, and respawning.

Helper functions and extension methods
As we provided an easy-to-understand and use workflow for designers, we also focused on long-term help for programmers by giving them extra functions to work with and to save their time even more.

Extendable Code Base
The code is written in a way that you can extend it for your own needs, and we improve it constantly.

Smaller things
UI Tools
Audio Management
Loading Screen
Pause Menu
Main Menu
Custom Inspectors
Modern UI
Kill Feed
Damage Indicator
Ammo Counter and a lot more



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