FPS Animation Framework (New Update)

New Update: Click here
Version v3.0.2: Link 1 | Link 2 


🎮 What’s the magic behind all great FPS? Animation tech.
A solid animation system is really what makes the difference – yet many just ignore it! With the FPS Animation Framework, it won’t be your story.

Powered by years of experience and feedback from animators and developers, this solution offers field-tested animation workflow and dynamic systems. Ready to ultimately upgrade your game? Try the FPS Animation Framework and see the difference!

🎯 What makes this asset stand out?
✔️ Solid Workflow: Stay focused on your game with intuitive and clean UI scripts. Fast and simple workflow smoothly integrates with your process, reducing the hassle of management and boosting your efficiency.
✔️ Flexible Weapon Handling: Break free from the constraints of traditional animation methods. Whether it’s a Sniper Rifle or a Revolver, our dynamic Weapon Bone allows you to smoothly animate and reparent your weapons with just a single value adjustment.
✔️ Streamlined Animation Process: Forget about adding tons of states and layers to the animator – just play clips from code with smooth blending.
✔️ Unlimited Customization: Fully modular component design gives you the freedom to expand and add new features as per your project needs.
✔️ IK Animation: Save your valuable time with a versatile IK system. Generate animations procedurally and explore:
Best Recoil Solution Out There
Procedural ADS, Natural Weapon Sway, and Weapon Collision
Seamless Animation Transitions
Look Rotation And Leaning
Leg IK, and more!
✔️ Stable Camera System: No more shaky camera. With auto-stabilization, you can ensure a smooth and immersive experience for your players.
✔️ Demo Project: Kickstart your project with a comprehensive demo that includes a Generic/Humanoid character controller, guns, reloading animations, and much more.
✔️ Ultimate Package: Get all you need in one place – animations, weapons, and the complete source code.
✔️ Support: Not just documentation and tutorials – our Discord community is always here to help with whatever challenges you face.



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