Footstep Sound Effects [PRO]

Footstep Sound Effects [PRO] – (490 SFX)


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Pack includes 490 Footstep sounds: Armor, bluntwood, brush, conrete, deckwood, dirt, glass, grass, gravel, leaves, lino, marble, metalbar, metalbox, mud, muffledice, quicksand, rug, sand, snow, squeakywood, stone, water, water_stereofix, weakice, wood.
Technical Details
Armor (53 files)
Bluntwood (16 files)
Brush (11 files)
Concrete (27 files)
Deckwood (11 files)
Dirt (31 files)
Glass (3 files)
Grass (20 files)
Gravel (27 files)
Leaves (7 files)
Lino (14 files)
Marble (29 files)
Metalbar (29 files)
Metalbox (23 files)
Mud (10 files)
Muffledice (10 files)
Quicksand (11 files)
Rug (11 files)
Sand (22 files)
Snow (27 files)
Squeakywood (18 files)
Stone (27 files)
Water (16 files)
Water_stereofix (16 files)
Weakice (10 files)
Wood (11 files)
Number of Audio Waves: 490
Number of Audio Cues: 64
Sample rate / bit rate: (44,100 Hz)
Do Sound FX loop: Yes


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