FGear Vehicle Physics [New Update]

New Update: Click here
Asset Version V1.6.1 (5.1)Link 1 | Link 2 
Asset Version V1.6 (5.0)Click Here


FGear is a custom vehicle physics solution that helps you build arcade or semi-arcade style racing games. It is mostly focused on 4 wheel cars but multi axle setups are also possible. The library consists of a core module and some extra components that were used while making the example project.
Sandbox Demo Video : https://youtu.be/BClRdj3U8w0

Disclaimer: The red sports car model in the sandbox video is not included in the package or the example project.

Technical Details
Core features:
Adjustable integration steps.
Simplified pacejka, pacejka96 and MF6.1 tire model options.
3D wheel support(multiple raycasts or sphere/convex cast).
Simple engine model with a torque curve.
Configurable auto/sequential/manual(h-pattern) transmissions.
Open, locked or limited slip differentials.
Ackerman steering, toe and camber.
Adjustable torque and brake distribution of axles.
Simple spring/damper suspensions with preload option.
Multi axle setup support.
AeroDynamics component for drag and downforce effects.
Standard input manager with keyboard,joystick and wheel+shifter support.
Driving aids like abs, asr, esp and anti roll bars.
Detailed telemetry ui.
Basic save/load system for fast prototyping.
Adjustable 3rd person camera.
Sample visual&sound effects like engine, skid and muzzle effects.
Custom collider component for separating collision from inertia.
Basic AI driver.
Number of C++ Classes: 30
Network Replicated: (Yes)
Supported Development Platforms: Windows
Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows,Android



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