Female Shooter Character Template

Playable Female Shooter with dual-gun setup for your third person game. Gamepad and Keyboard+Mouse inputs supported.

Free Download: Click Here


Technical Details
2 Example Characters + Animation Blueprints (Gamepad + Keyboard/Mouse input support)
101 Character Animations + 9 Blendspaces
Dual projectile shooting system (each hands can be controlled individually)
Locomotion (run, walk, crouch, jump, roll, double jump/somersault)
Shooting functionality (equip/unequip guns, aim, shoot)
Multi-weapon setup, carry, and swap (default placement on hip, torso, and back)
Directional aim and shooting
Gunspinning and recoil effect
Customizable ammo, equipment set, and shooting pattern
High heels
Placeholder equipments (5 guns, 3 holsters, 2 headgear, 2 body armor, 1 heels)
Placeholder particle effects (muzzle flash, bullet trail, hit impact)
Placeholder flashlight
Placeholder SFX
Shooting cans
Target circle with health/damage system
Item pickup
Camera manager
Demo map
Modular component and animation approach
Rigged to Epic skeleton:
Yes (+ additional sockets for equipment and guns)
IK bones are included:
Number of Animations:
101 animations + 9 blendspace
Animation types (Root Motion/In-place):



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