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Works with Unity versions higher than 2017.1.0f
LWRP works only with Unity versions higher than 2019.1.0f1
URP works only with Unity versions higher than 2019.3.0f3
Supports Single-pass and Multi-pass VR
Fastest Solution on the market. Works faster than standart Unity MSAA

This package consists of the shader for applying the Fast Approximate Anti-Aliasing on the screen. This solutionis currently the fastest Fast Approximate Anti Aliasing in the market. The shader was tested on the low-end mobile device in the loaded scene in order to optimize the performance and fps.

* FXAA- The fastest bloom in the Asset Store, completely optimized FXAA . Runs at 45-58 FPS on a low-end mobile device(with proper settings).

All the testing was made on low-end mobile device Meizu M2 Note in the scene containing:
-101 different gameObjects,
-101 Materials,
-1 Directional Light(realtime),
-45k polygons



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