EZProjectiles – Realistic Bullet Simulation (5.0, 5.2)

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What is EZProjectiles?
EZProjectiles is an infinitely useful projectiles actor that realistically simulates the physics and capabilities of a real life bullet, for any sort of shooter, from a small top down to military simulation, EZProjectiles is right for you!

How can I use EZProjectiles?
Simply spawn the BP_EZProjectile when you fire, and the bullet will do the rest! Easily detect hits with the BPI_Bullet interface Hit event, or with the Hit event in the editor, both will work for you!

Is EZProjectiles complicated?
EZProjectiles is quite easy to understand, all you have to do is spawn it! For those who want to tweak some of the functionality, there is heavily commented blueprints, but for those newer to blueprints, or more interested in the technical side of things, there is heavy documentation covering the asset, and if you find yourself with more questions outside of that, there is a Discord Support server where you will be helped!

How big is EZProjectiles?
EZProjectiles takes up less than 2 MB on disk space (by itself, without the showcase), and an extremely small amount of memory and CPU (its hard to estimate because Unreal Engine takes up quite a large amount itself, but EZProjectiles is practically unnoticeable in your levels performance, how do we know it doesn’t effect performance? It always keeps 120 fps on an empty project).

Will EZProjectiles be receiving updates?
It is unlikely that I will update EZProjectiles as of today, aside from engine version updates, unless there is an overwhelming number of requests for it to change. However, I am always working on other assets, and you can find me in the Discord server if you feel that something is missing in your project!

Technical Details
Realistic Bullet Simulation, with Wind Drag, Surface Penetration and Richochets, and Energy Loss.
Works with any mesh, Static, Skeletal, and even Destructible!
Easy to use! Just spawn the bullet when you fire and EZProjectiles will do the rest!
Number of Blueprints: 3 (Not including Showcase Content) – EZProjectile, EZWind, and the interface!
Input: Keyboard and Mouse.
Network Replicated: Yes
Supported Development Platforms: Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Android



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