Eye Shader BuiltIn+URP+HDRP


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An extensive Eye Shader created using Amplify Shader Editor.
Added a document that links you to other Render Pipeline versions. Built-In, URP and HDRP are supported, any issues get in touch my email. Imported version will be based on the Built-In renderer so be aware of pink shaders for that reason.
Added Improved Caustics, SSS, Parallax Iris and Pupil Control (see video)
Contains 3 shader types:
Shader Model 1 – Simple, ideal for cartoon or glass eyes.
Shader Model 2 – Animated, great for cyberpunk or android and robot eyes.
Shader Model 3 and 4 – Realistic, perfect for characters and organic creatures and beasts. Includes extra eye ball scatter control for more realism. Pupil size and shape control, caustic effect mask, RGB Driver Mask for Sclera, Limbal Ring and Iris Zone. Parallax Lens effect and Rotational Iris option. (see video)
Eye ball mesh supplied comes in 2 LODs
Scale may need to be adjusted to suit your character.
Comes with a selection of Iris texture bases and it is easy to add your own, add any texture you like for effect. Along with RGB masking textures that drive the Sclera, Iris and Limbal ring it is easy to adjust and customise your very own UNIQUE Eye designs. The Pupil can also be reshaped to a cats eye or frog eye. Please watch the Videos. This Eye shader is improved frequently with new iterations so not only can you keep your current eye shaders intact, you will benefit from future updates that come with more powerful version of the latest shader.


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