Ethereal URP – Volumetric Lighting & Fog (New Update)

New Update: Click here
Version v1.4Link 1 | Link 2 


The system is made for the native URP rendering system* for maximum performance and compatibility, bringing state-of-the-art volumetric lighting system to Unity URP platform.

The asset is also included in Sky Master ULTIMATE URP Suit, make sure to buy that system and upgrade to Ethereal for maximum discount and access to all atmosphere effects, including volumetric clouds for both URP and HDRP !!! Ethereal core system is same as the one included in Sky Master ULTIMATE URP and this standalone version contains a big number of extra demos and bonus forest assets and demo related URP foliage shaders.

The asset also includes the Atrium and Forest demos over Sky Master ULTIMATE URP version, with all assets available for use in your game. A bonus URP foliage shader is also included, featuring wind and sub surface scattering.

▶ All types of lights supported
▸ Volume shadows support (Directional, Spot, Point**)
▸ Shadow mask support with included mask shader
▶ Effect controls
▸ Density
▸ Height
▸ Atmospheric Scattering
▸ Tint
▸ Occlusion
▸ Quality
▸ Noise
▶ Texture2D and Texture3D Noise options
▶ Complete demo scenes for use in game, Forest and Atrium, including special foliage shader

(*) The system is in active Beta stage, everything is stable and working in this first version, with certain limitations in the way lights can be activated in the scene. The system has not been tested in VR, WebGL, Consoles and Mobile. Currently the system supports one directional and 6 local lights, with an option to add a set number of extra local lights or infinite, though the 6 local lights number is recommended for performance reasons.

(**) The volumetric shadows from Point Lights require the latest URP11. Lower versions of URP support volume shadows from directional and spot lights and Light volumes from all light types, including Point Lights. The system works with perspective cameras.

DISCLAIMER The Ethereal asset has been developed and uploaded using Unity 2019.4.22f1 LTS. Any later Unity version is supported as soon as possible through patches and few changes mentioned in the final section of the manual, please also contact me for support with any new Unity version, as new Unity versions may break any asset and will help directly with new patches as needed.

The Unity asset page mentions support for “Unity 2019.4.5 or higher”, note that the system officially supports Unity 2019.4.22f1 and any version that has been tested and have patches for. Please contact me for any further needed details. The latest patch is for use with Unity 2021.2.4f1 and is included in Ethereal v1.1.8o and above.


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