Epictoon SFX

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This sound effect was created by referring to the visual effect of “EpictoonFX”.
More than 200 sound effects created based on the combat vfx of “EpictoonFx”

Priview Video_01
Priview Video_02

-Shoot and Explosion Set sound effect
-Magic sound effect
-Flamethrower,Nova sound effect
-Sword and punch ,Body,Blood,stun sound effect
-Death Explosion sound effect
-Bonus Element Charge or Whoosh sound effect
File Format : WAV 44.1 16bit Stereo,total 300 wav file
* Force to mono(normalize) test complete
* The preview video did not use pitch and random effects for proper testing.
* Epictoonfx users are better off using the PitchRandomizer script provided by Epictoonfx.
If you have any comments about the sound, please feel free to mail me, we will reflect in the next update.



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