Enemy Vision – Patrol and Line of Sight (v2.0.2)

Version v2.0.2 Link 1 | Link 2 | Link 3


Enemy Vision is a script collection to add vision cones, raycast detection, and enemy patrolling behaviors to your game.

-Enemy vision cone
-Vision cone adapts to obstacles
-Enemy Behaviors: Patrol, Alert, Chase
-Patrol: Will move following a set path
-Alert: Will become curious and walk to a suspicious location
-Chase: Will run toward the player
-Ground elevation, enemies can only see you when they are on higher ground.
-Optional two levels vision cone (near and far)
-Near vision range will detect the player immediately instead of being alerted.
-Noise Zones (when the player step on it, will alert nearby enemies).
-Noise sources that can be added to any objects and function call to emit noise.
-Simple to use and configure
-2D and 3D support
-Good performance and optimization settings

Enemy Vision is a simple and lightweight package for creating enemy behavior and their vision cone. It’s an excellent starting point if you are planning to implement enemy vision, line of sight (LOS) or enemy patrol. My goal is to keep this simple to use and easy to edit.



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