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The Webp Image Format Introduction
First, we know that webp image format is the new image compression format, WebP image format supports lossy compression, lossless compression, transparent and animation; the same quality images.The picture volume of the webp is about 40% smaller than the JPG and PNG,At the same time, the webp image format is more rich in color, supporting 24-bit RGB color and 8-bit Alpha transparent channel (while GIF only supports 8-bit RGB color and 1-bit transparency).

Easy Webp
The plugin supports Webp format image loading rendering, containing static and dynamic types, while supporting 24-bit transparent channels.

• Support for WebGL、IOS、Android、Window、Mac、Editor platform
• Support for webp format pictures and animation
• Support for 24-bit transparent channels
• Support for Unity editor rendering
• Support for runtime rendering
• Support for model material rendering
• Support for UI interface rendering
• Support for multi-threadreading loading
• Plug-in provides video conversion webp conversion tools



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