Easy Survival RPG v4 (New Update)

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Easy Survival RPG. This is an advanced system designed from the ground up for multiplayer with a ton of different features for Unreal Engine.

Full Multiplayer Support (Lan, P2P, Steam, Dedicated Server)
Character & Customization System
Combat System (Weapons/Unarmed/Tools)
Ranged Weapons System (Pistol/Rifle/Bow/Crossbow/Assault Rifle/Grenade Launcher/Etc)
Magic & Spells System (Fireball/Firebombs/Meteor/Magic Shield/Healing/Teleportation/Etc)
Fishing System (Fishing rod/Worms/Fish/Fishing spots)
Skill Tree System
Building System (Modular)
Building System (Placeable Interactive Structures/Decorations)
Building System (Locks)
Farming Systems (Various crop plots and vegetables)
Animals & Breeding System (Hen, Rooster, Chick, Pig, Swine, Piglet; Various behavior trees)
Multiplayer Save & Load System (Dedicated Server Support)
Resources System (Trees Сhopping/Mining)
Resources System (Collectable Items)
Resources System (Shovel & Digging)
Advanced AI System (Melee/Ranged/Animals/Background Animals)
AI Companios (Orders system)
Dynamic Interactive Foliage System
Advanced Spline System (Seagull/Fish School/Etc)
Complex Footstep System (Prints/Sounds/VFX)
Sound System (Common/Impacts/Items)
Game Settings System (Graphic/Inputs/Game/Audio/Save & Load)
Mini & Global Map System
Water & Swimming System
Quest & Dialogue & Journal System
Multiplayer Chat System
Trading System
Advanced Ability System
Respawn System
Weight System
Advanced Damage System
HUD & UI & Hotbar System
Inventory System
Container & Items & Durability System
Torch System
Backpack System
Zones System (Damage/Healing/Etc)
IK Solution (Character/AI)
And much more…

Update v4.0:
Footstep System Rework
Building System Rework
Fishing System
Advanced Starting Customization
AI System Improvements
Save & Load System Improvements
Animals & Breeding System
New Building Objects & Logic
Locks System Rework
Blueprints & Optimization
New animations/meshes/sounds/etc

Update v3.0:
Advanced Ability System
Advanced Damage System
Magic & Spells System
Farming System
Skill Tree System
Advanced AI System
Ranged AI System
Zones System
Backpack System
Mannequin System
New animations/meshes/sounds/etc

Technical Details
Number of Blueprints: 432
Number of Animations: 447
Number of Meshes: 637
Number of Materials: 196 ( 57 masters & 139 instances)
Number of Textures: 191
Number of Icons: 284
Number of Sounds: 858 (617 WAVs & 241 Cues)
Input: Keyboard, Mouse
Network Replicated: Yes, Full Multiplayer Support
Target Platform: PC



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