Easy Snap Universal Habitat


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“Easy Snap Universal Habitat” is a great compliment to Universe Explorers and comes with 9 Easy Snap props.

The main habitat has snap-on connections with Cross sections, T Pieces, 90 Deg Bends, 2 straight section, ramps, solar panels and a door with control dials, as well as 5 material presets and 5 different floor materials.

The main Hab has several morphs, Hide Antenna, Hide Rails, Hide Stairs, Windows Down and Floor Flat, and there are two 360 HDR in 16K resolution for great quality. They come in Ice and Desert themes.  The two subsets both have several camera presets. While it doesn’t come with internal props, it works well with the Solaris props and the Psi MedBay, and many more. See below 2 tutorial videos to help you use the Easy Snap system and create your own subsets.



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