Dinosaur – Velociraptor

Velociraptor Skeletal Mesh with 45 animations set

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This is a High Poly 3D Model of a Velociraptor Dinosaur from Late Cretaceous Period with meshes optimized to a Low Poly
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•Velociraptor – SHP 23040 tris;
•Velociraptor – HP 7380 tris;
•Velociraptor – LP 3660 tris.
Model has 66 bones.
•Velociraptor – 4 Color Textures, 1 Normal, 1 Specular, 1 Ambient Oclusion Maps (all 2k/4k).
Model has 30 UNIQE Animations (InPlace), which are GREAT ASSET to this Model.
Attack, Creeping, Death, Eating, Fight Idle/Idle01, Hit Left/Right/Front/Back, Idle, JumpAtack Legs/Head, Jumping, JumpDeath, LieDown, Sleeping, StandUp, LookRound, Rotate Left/Right, RunUpHead, RunJump, RunLookRound, RunHeadAttack, Run, Strafe Left/Right, Walk, WalkLookRound, WalkBack


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