Dialogue Speaker (New Update)

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Create easy dialogues with subtitles in seconds using this light, fast and powerful system.

An easy, light and powerful dialogue system that plays your dialogue audios one by one while printing out customizable subtitles, runs your events, controls the dialogues accurately through APIs and even adds a room of breath between the audios for immersion if needed. Useful for cutscenes, in-game dialogue and monologues.

Since this is mainly an audio system which is independent from a certain pipeline. You can use this asset on any rendering pipeline you want with no problems.

This system is highly performant with a small memory footprint and works perfectly on mobiles too.

From one person talking to several characters, whether in a certain cutscene or during actual gameplay. Dialogue Speaker will come in handy and make it easier for you to make your characters have life.

The entire setup will be using the custom inspector which is extremely easy to use. Set your audio clips, run your events, add room of breath between dialogues & set the properties in an easy fashion.

You can style the subtitles however you need as it’s based on TextMeshPro. Set it’s color, positioning, alignment, drop shadow, outline, etc…

Dialogue APIs are exposed for playing, pausing, skipping and more. Check the documentation link for the full list of APIs. Also all inspector properties can be accessed through code and changed during runtime like enabling/disabling subtitles giving you full control over your dialogues.

You have the ability to fire any method you want during any audio clip, thus, you can talk to the animator, other scripts, sprites, materials, lights, literally anything you want when a certain dialogue plays. Making your dialogues interactive and powerful. You can also trigger an event when the dialogues finish and use that to call another Dialogue Speaker object to play. So it’s very easy to call from one game object to another.

This package includes: documentation, full-commented source code and 2 demo scenes. The demo scenes work on all rendering pipelines.



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