DarkMusicPack vol.1

This music pack was created by a Russian team of developers “ArtLeavingGames”.

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Pack is most suitable for horror games.
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIp5N_TNvzM
Technical Details
Attention [By Nodhle]
ColdFeelings [By Nodhle]
DarkCalm [By Nodhle]
DeepInside [By Nodhle]
PsychoMind [By Nodhle]
SmthWrong [By Nodhle]
Coffin [By Dr.Borowski]
Disbalance [By Dr.Borowski]
Eternity [By Dr.Borowski]
Extinction [By Dr.Borowski]
Phantom [By Dr.Borowski]
Runaway_Long [By Dr.Borowski]
Runaway_Short [By Dr.Borowski]
Unstable [By Dr.Borowski]
Void [By Dr.Borowski]
Wandering [By Dr.Borowski]
Zone Out [By Dr.Borowski]
Number of Audio Wavs: 17
Number of Audio Cues: 17
Sample rate / bit rate: ( 44,100 Hz)
Does music loop: (No)


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