Dark Temple

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Assets to create dark-looking temples. It is marble and brass, copper texture.
You can find a statue in my other asset pack ‘Deco statue collection’. (Fire effects were used in the sun temple demo.)

Technical Details
Physically Based Rendering: Yes
Number of Textures: 30 textures.
Texture Size: 2048×2048(28), 2048×4096(1) , 256×512(1)
Collision: Yes. Auto generated.
Number of Meshes: 13 static meshes.
Vertex Count: 32~8288 Triangles.
SM_Floor01: 32T, 42V
SM_Floor02: 32T, 42V
SM_Ceiling: 268T, 468V
SM_Pillar01: 1224T, 1236V
SM_Pillar02: 704T, 646V
SM_StatuePillar01: 8288T, 4919V
SM_StatueProp02: 1416T, 783V
SM_StatueProp03: 1336T, 742V
SM_Prop01: 252T, 368V
SM_Prop02: 1520T, 1774V
SM_Chain: 64T, 50V
SM_Brazier: 928T, 865V
SM_Wall: 848T, 974V
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 1 Material 11 Instance.
Intended Platform: PC, XBOX, PS4
Platforms Tested: PC



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