CSW Auto-save plugin V2 (5.0)

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Auto Save and Load Actors into a compressed file. Just add a component to any Actor you want to save! Easy save variables, AI state, Widgets, etc. in Level Streaming or across multiple Levels.

*** Change in UE5.0+ ***
Since UE5, “CSW::LoadGameFromSlot()” does no longer need a SaveGame object reference input. This change will require a small modification in the logic as the node will throw an error (only in UE5.0 for users moving from UE4). Please note that the following link shows the current recommended way of using the “CSW::LoadGameFromSlot()” node.
Additionally, the example project has been updated to UE5 as well.

Save Actors, Character, Components, AI State, Widget State, etc. Add a custom component to any Actor and save the entire data of it. Save Actors across multiple levels or while using level streaming into a single and compressed file. Highly Customizable plugin! Async save also supported!

This plugin extends the functionality of the Save and Load system from the engine to ensure compatibility. Also, this C++ plugin is exposed to Blueprints. This allows saving and loading hundred of actors in a blink of an eye thanks to the power of C++ while, thanks to the versatility of Blueprints, no programming knowledge is needed in order to use this plugin.

Technical Details
Compression support. Test: 2,273KB to only 113KB. Compressed files can’t easily be edited in hex editors.
Async Save and Load support.
Level streaming support.
BP Structures support.
Save to custom Folder support.
Any variable can be saved.
Customizable. Save only certain components of an Actor.
This plugin doesn’t destroy an recreates the Actors in the world. They only update their data.
A project don’t need to be adapted in order to use this plugin.
GameInstance autosave supported.
Data from multiple levels can be saved into a single file.
Code Modules:
CSWAutoSaveAndLoadSystem (Runtime)
Number of Blueprints: 1
Number of C++ Classes: 11
Network Replicated: Supported.
Supported Development Platforms: Windows.
Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows, Android. [Other platforms require manual compilation]



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