Creature IK – Final joints Solver (3.1.1)

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Creature IK is a set of scripts that allow you to create whatever creature you want combining its 3 basic components. You can easily move a creature on uneven terrains by moving its pivot.

How do I use it?
Simple: download the package, explore the sample scene and merge components together to create something new. The code in the project is well organised, so that power users can easily edit it and add new features if needed.

Key features
Highly customisable leg component:
Customisable step height / duration
Works with infinite joints
Adapts to irregular terrains
Customisable foot distance and step threshold

Highly customisable body component:
Can enable body tilt/momentum
Customisable tilt range
Groupable legs to allow organic movement (alternate legs when taking a step)
Manually updated children to avoid unnecessary updates

Vertebrae solver:
Can be anchored to simulate necks, antennas, tails, etc…
Can be unanchored to simulate centipedes, ropes, chains, etc…
A lift can be applied to change the vertebral curvature
A sample scene with 8 sample creatures
Meshes can be physically collidable
Settings can be changed in real time
Debug mode for every component
Very well optimised algorithm
Stackable components
Automover script available for testing purposes


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