Controller Icon Pack V3

A pack of over 1300 well-designed Controller Icons for PC, XB, PS, JC and OVR, split into different variations and sizes

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Canvas of all icons has been enlarged
Additional D-Pad icons for all directions have been added
Controller Icon Pack V3 is a completely renewed Asset Pack from scratch. It contains icon sets for the platforms PC, Xbox, PS4, JC and VR Controller. Each set consists of three stylistic variations (Dark, Light and Outline) of which there is a macro and a micro variant for each. In total there are 6 icon families per platform. The design of the Dark & Light families are also prepared display on backgrounds with different brightness values.

Technical Details
Over 1300 Controller Icons for PC, Xbox, PS, JC and OVR
Each Platform is split into 3 Icon Families
Each Icon Family is split into Macro (128×128) and Micro (64×64) Sub-families
Additional Blueprint Helper Functions
Number of Textures: 1364
Number of Blueprints: 3
Number of Widgets: 16


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