Companion AI

Save months of work, make your own companions in seconds!

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★ Overview
This is a companion framework which handles all the heavy logic to allow you to create your own companions within seconds. without spending months (Like we did) on the core logic. It is simple and universal, meant to be expanded towards your desired project goal. Perfect for beginners to learn or for experienced developers to save time.
★ AI features:
Follow – Companions will follow you around
Wait – Wait in the specified location
Attack – Attack a specific target
Fetch – Go towards a physics object and bring it to the player
★ Main features:
Easy to create your own companions, just import your animated model, edit the parameters and you are all set.
Complex AI with simple logic, making it easy to edit, understand and expand
Every major blueprint is commented and tidy
Only basic knowledge required.
Low poly meshes, materials and animations included

Upcoming features:
Death & revival
Spawning on demand
Item holding when fetching


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