Combo Graph v1.2.1 (5.0)

Asset Version v1.2.1 (5.0): Link 1 | Link 2 


GAS (Gameplay Ability System) powered Combo System with a node-based editor, that lets you focus on Combo / Combat design with a custom graph to deliver a fast, flexible and enjoyable developer experience.

Technical Details
Custom Editor – Highly customized Asset Editor with State Machine like graph and Persona (animation) viewport / preview.
Can use sequence or montages in the graph.
Enhanced Input – Can define transition using Enhanced Inputs and have them displayed with keyboard / gamepad icons in the graph.
Auto Setup mechanism for animation notify states
Can define GE cost and Effect Containers to apply (ex. damage) for each node.
Non GAS users can use similar containers to apply damage via Unreal’s Damage System.
Can use combo graphs without Gameplay Abilities
Can define Gameplay Cues Containers to apply (for instance SFX / VFX for hit impacts) for each node.
Replicated and Multiplayer ready
Code Modules:
ComboGraph (Runtime)
ComboGraphEditor (Editor)
Number of C++ Classes: 60
Network Replicated: Yes
Supported Development Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux
Supported Target Build Platforms: Win64 / Mac / Linux


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