Choppable and Interactive Trees (Replicated)

WARNING: DEPRECATED UE4 only – Need some trees to be chopped down? Use this very easy to use and customizable Choppable & Interactive Trees based on destructible mesh (Replicated).


Free Download: click here


Video based on Axe
Video based on projectile
Two character examples: Axe animation based AND Projectile based interaction.
Master Blueprint to configure TreeCutting actor
Master Blueprint to configure Log blueprint for later use in e.g. inventory system
Example Map with explanation
Example trees and configuration from Epic games Open world collection for example purposes
On demand via the community: Point based damage logic, for e.g. ESRPG integration

Technical Details
To configure a tree: Create a child blueprint of the BP_TreeCutting_Master.
Here you are able to configure:
Duration before logs are spawning
Life: How many hits does the tree require to be chopped down?
Delete after time fallen: How many seconds does the actor (All parts, e.g. trunk, scene components and any other actor information) needs to be alive after the tee is cut? Note: The fallen logs will remain because they are spawned as separate actors.
Destroy actor after inactivity: How many seconds does the tree needs to be alive after the tree is touched? This is necessary due to performance and cleanup purposes.
Log to spawn: Define your own log with own variables.
Falling tree sound: Which sound to use when the tree is falling
The meshes for the trees. Top, middle (Destructible mesh) Trunk and the Original tree.
After the tree is chopped, a log is spawned. This log is a blueprint so you are able to configure it for your inventory system.
Number of Blueprints: 9 (2 master, 4 tree examples, 3 log examples)


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