Cartoon Endurance Car

Driveable cartoon style endurance race car model from 1991.


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Here is another cartoon/toy style model from my Retro Cartoon Cars series, this time it’s a model of endurance race car. It was made by Japanese manufacturer and won the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans race in 1991. It was powered by R26B rotor engine, making very distinguishable sound while producing 690 bhp.
Video of car driving around:
Cartoon Endurance Car preview

Technical Details
Drivable car prop with keyboard control for car, mouse control for 3rd person camera.
W and S – throttle and brakes, A and D – steering, Q and E – open/close doors, SPACE – handbrake.
I included 2 fbx files. MESH_SKINNED_787B.fbx has rigged bones and is imported in the project. MESH_787B.fbx is included in the MESHES folder but is not imported. It has 43 separate mesh objects, so you can rig it as you need if you are an advanced user.


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