Blocks Engine 2 (v2.12.1)

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Add a Visual Coding interface to your games with Blocks Engine 2. Friendly and customizable, based on the most popular visual block coding languages. Perfect for code learning or automation games.
Render pipeline compatibility
The Blocks Engine 2 is a complete project that adds an engine for visual block coding to your games. It comes with 🚀 40+ blocks, interface for selecting blocks by category, variable viewer and creator, blocks code serializer (save/load), events manager and a 3D environment for playing with the codes.

The engine expands the game possibilities with a creative mechanic. Gives the players the possibility to code their own player movements and learn to code using valuable programming concepts by playing with a friendly tool.

The project can be used to create educational, code learning games, puzzles or automation games where players need to build their own code to control objects in the scene using visual blocks coding.

The Blocks Engine 2, is an upgrade from the former Play Mode Blocks Engine. It is more powerful, faster, easily customizable and built to allow even more block possibilities, still keeping the layout and rules similar to the most popular block coding languages.

The engine makes the integration between visual block coding and the power of the Unity engine, including the possibility to deploy for multiple platforms.

Technical details
40+ Blocks
Drag & Drop
Panel with Blocks by category
Inspector Block Builder
Ready to play Sample Scene
Source Code
Support for All Canvas Render Modes:
Screen Space – Overlay
Screen Space – Camera
World Space


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