Bike Control PRO – The best motorcycle control v1.1.2 (5.2)

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Asset Version v1.1.2 (5.2)Link 1 | Link 2 


Update 1.1.2 UE-5.1
+Slightly improved stability.

Update 1.1 for UE5
+ The balancing of the bike along the Roll axis was slightly redone. Also added the option to balancing the bike along the Roll axis in the air (on the default on).

The best offer in the market, the physical implementation of a two -wheeled motorcycle. Sportbike and procedural animation of the character are included in the asset along with control. The maximum stability and stability of the bike on uneven surfaces is realized. Suitable for arcade games. Bike control is close to real.

1. You can use the Physics substepping.
2. The sound of the motor.
3. The procedural character of the character and inverse kinematics.
4. Burnout.
5. All light bulbs work.
6. The sound of the wheels, the sound of the wheel impact.
7. The sound of the gear switch and the sound of the exhaust.
8. Mobile fluid in expanding barrels.
9. You can configure the bike tilt along the curve from speed.
10. Maximum stability.
11. Braking with an engine.
12. Stoppie Control.
13. Traces from sliding tires.
14. ABS.
15. Dynamic chain.
16. Sportbike includes 28 fully customized material.
17. Support analog Joystick for.
And much more…
Disclaimer: For a comfortable calculation of physics, 40+ FPS is required.

Technical Details
All code needed to work is written in C++ for best performance. All necessary functions for work can be called from blueprints. Knowledge of C++ is not required.
Easy to use and easy to integrate into your project.
Free support for our products in discord
Code Modules:
ABikePawn (Type: Runtime)
UPIDCtrlComponent (Type: Runtime)
Number of Blueprints: 2
Number of C++ Classes: 2
Network Replicated: No
Supported Development Platforms: Win64, Mac, Linux
Supported Target Build Platforms: Win64, Mac, Linux

1 review for Bike Control PRO – The best motorcycle control v1.1.2 (5.2)

  1. JJK

    how to download from fileupload site

    • Admin

      Search YouTube for how to download from a fileupload site

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